Popular struggle hoists Palestinian flag at illegal settler outpost!
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Popular struggle hoists Palestinian flag at illegal settler outpost!

This morning over 150 Palestinian and international activists raised Palestinian flags in the illegal settlement outpost on the land of Khirbet al Maleh, northern Jordan Valley, as a nonviolent direct action and end of the 'UNITED IN STRUGGLE' National Conference on popular resistance. 

At the time the activists arrived, only seven settlers were occupying the place but were soon joint by more settlers as well as the Israeli military. They attacked the activists that were chanting slogans against the occupation and for a free Palestine. Occupation forces repressed the crowd, arresting five people. Israeli military confiscated the keys to the cars that brought the activists to the area, effectively taking them hostage.

The settler outpost built on Palestinian land of Khirbet al Maleh adds to the land confiscation and the ongoing assaults and aggressions by the nearby military camp. People in the area are steadfast and resisting the various tactiques aimed at displacing hem from their land. The direct action was aimed as a challenge to the occupation forces and a message to the people that they are not alone. Popular struggle united stands with them. 

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